Pricing training workshop
The quotation is based on time spent on preparation and delivery. My rate is $80/hours. Below is a sample calculation
of the actual time went into tailoring my knowledge into a 6 hour workshop for a customer (I used Toggl app to record actual time):
9 h 18 minutes for analysis audience and putting the material together
30 minutes for rehearsing the notes
The workshop itself takes 6.5 hours
The logistic time is about 2 hours.
Additional 4 hours after the workshop materials, compile the data and other administration work (processing feedbacks and issuing invoices etc).
The cost of a translation is primarily calculated on the basis of the number of words, the subject matter, level of the complexity of formatting and the time of delivery.  There is no “one- size-fits-all” formula. 
English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation prices are generally divided into following three categories:
•      The standard category is typically made up of personal or business letters or general introductions that require no special subject knowledge in translation.
•      Advanced documents are legal, government or academic documents that require some specialist knowledge to translate.
•      Technical documents are those that require a good understanding of a particular subject matter such as aviation, biological, or medical terminology in translation.
Each category has a different pricing factor and final price can be negotiated.
On-site interpreting and remote-interpreting are priced differently. There are also different model of interpreting: consecutive, simultaneous or telephone interpreting service. Please contact us for charges of the service type you require.
We guarantee that we provide competitive price with superb quality.  
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