Case Study: Australia - China High Level Legal Exchange Seminar Project

Professional interpreting service for technical seminar between judges of Chinese Supreme Court and Australian Federal Court – Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

About the project

The Federal Court of Australia is a superior court of record and a court of law and equity; the Supreme People's Courtis the highest court in the mainland area of China.  The exchange covers the areas of patent protection, human rights and maritime legal matters.  The legal terminology, technical content and different court levels and hearing systems made the interpreting job very challenging.

legal interpreting law translation 

Requests were made two weeks prior to the project’s commencement. A set of preferred interpreters was collected in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne and teleconferences were conducted. Background materials were distributed to the team, the roles of interpreters were assigned in the final teleconference.

The exchange was held in three different subject panels, each panel is equipped with an interpreter with specific knowledge in the subject matter.  A lot of issues behind the scenes of the judgement were discussed. The interpreters for the seminar worked tirelessly and were well prepared. They managed last minute changes to speeches and presentations with ease and were also very active during breaks and networking to facilitating communication.

The seminars in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne achieved tremendous success.  The interpreters’ skills were instrumental in ensuring accurate information exchanges between judges from both sides.



English <=> Chinese

Duration of services

Two weeks


  • Translation of legal background information
  • Consecutive technical interpreting
  • Facilitate networking
  • Review

    “Victor Xu has handled this tough, intricate and technical project well. Most notably, Victor was the lead interpreter for this important project. I cannot say enough about the professionalism, honesty, and integrity of Victor. His command of the technical English language is amazing and he has a strong sense of tact and her grounding in both the mindsets of Australia and Mainland China. He is a pleasure to work with.” - Gabrielle Galapitage Federal Court of Australia.


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