Able Tradelink offers quality translation service at a reasonable price, special attunement to your needs, with willingness to make extra efforts.

Each translation from our service will be faithful to the original text and "register at the same footing". Each translation will be kept confidential; each client's materials are managed and filed separately.

Each translation must be performed by a translator who is a native speaker of the target language, has educational or other background knowledge in the subject area of the material to be translated.

Task Management Solution for Translation Project

A project manager will be assigned particularly to oversee each project and coordinate the progress of translation in general, and also make sure of the consistence in such matters as tone, terminology and layout, etc.

Confidentiality and intellectual property are guaranteed.

The principle of absolute confidentiality will be honored. Any original material or its copy will be returned to the customer or otherwise destroyed. All related translation copyright, patent, commercial secrets, and intellectual property are and remain the property of the customer.

Four Stages in implementing your task: previewing, translating, proofreading, and finalizing.

The translation process includes previewing, translating, proofreading, and finalizing. Experienced high level translators will be responsible for each stage of the translation.

If you want experienced translators then look no further. Software manuals, promotional and sales materials, research papers, legal documents, technical proposals, medical and scientific articles... we've done it all.

Some of the translation projects we have done!

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