Able Tradelink delivery our English Chinese `interpreting in four ways: Simultaneous interpreting; Consecutive interpreting; Sight interpreting and Phone interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting: Interpreter orally translates speech about 5-10 seconds behind the speaker. This interpreting method is often adopted in a conference or in court. Each interpreter should not work longer than 45 minutes before a 15-minute break, and each shift should not exceed two hours. Only a small number of Interpreters can provide such service which requires special training. Mr Victor Xu, our principal, has undergone systematic training and provided conference interpreting on many occasions in Canberra Australia and overseas.
Consecutive interpreting: Interpreter orally translates after the speaker finishes an entire paragraph. Sometimes the speaker likes to speak more than one sentence at a time and then stop to give a chance for the interpreter to translate orally.
Sight interpreting: Interpreter orally translates from a written document in a normal reading pace. Where possible the interpreter should access the written document before the interpreting and have enough time to read through the entire document. This is especially important when interprets in court settings.
Phone interpreting: The interpreter performs interpreting via the phone. It usually requires a "teleconference" or "three way call" feature from the telephone service provider.

Our interpreting service covers the following categories:

Technical: Such interpreting requires that the interpreter has background education or knowledge about the subject to be interpreted. Consecutive interpretation is best suited for technical interpreting as it produces better clearer understanding and exchange on the subject matter.
Legal: Interpreter should be specially trained for working with legal terminology in the court setting and with lawyers. Interpreting has to tightly match the words and sentences with the source language. Accuracy is strictly required and highly expected. Common legal procedures which require interpreting services include depositions, mediations and court trials.
Social: This is a very broad category. Consecutive interpreting is usually required in this category. Interpreter sometimes works with a case worker from certain government agency.

See Chinese English two way interpreting projects we have done.

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