Victor Xu, Principal of Able Tradelink, has significant experience in trade remedies through 14 years operational and policy experience with the Australian trade remedies authority. Victor has obtained substantial experience and insights into all aspects of Australian trade remedies including anti-dumping and countervailing investigations, continuations (sun set reviews), reinvestigations and Anti-Dumping duty assessments.

Trade remedies arise from Australia's membership of the World Trade Organisation and the enactment in domestic law of agreements that allow Australia to impose import duties if, following investigation, an importer is found to have "dumped" goods in Australia (ie sold goods more cheaply in Australia than it would sell the goods in its home market) or received countervailable subsidies from its own government.


Victor’s analytical and problem-solving skills, strong commercial acumen, strategic thinking, and cross-cultural knowledge allow him to provide top quality advice to various clients.


Victor is also a certified English Chinese translator and interpreter, communicates in both Mandarin and English, at the highest business and technical level.


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